Let's not confuse mergers in regard to zoning with merger for listing purposes.  They are 2 totally different issues.  Adrienne

I am not  sure of the exact origin, but Act 250 declared that all contiguous
land in  one ownership is one parcel, regardless of how the deeds read.  That  
has been somewhat modified by court decisions, but the law still  stands.  
Bruce in Eden.

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Most  likely.

Wendy L. Wilton

Rutland City  Treasurer



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Mu understanding is that if the land is  contiguous and is owned by
the "exact" same person then it must be  considered as one
parcel.  Maybe this has a connection to the $$$ per  parcel the state sends
us to maintain the grand list????  Less  parcels, less $$ the  town

Roberta  Dana

Town Treasurer & Tax Collector

Groton,  VT


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Is there a state law  that demands that
adjacent lots, owned by the same person, must be  condensed under one SPAN # for
purposes of assessment and taxation?   Or is the discretion of the lister?

Wendy L.  Wilton

Rutland City Treasurer



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