My listers got 2 [somewhat circular & confusing] memos from the Vt Housing Finance Agency which instruct the listers to reduce the assessed value of an Assisted Living facility & a Seniror Housing building by x.x%.  Well, this means that all the other taxpayers in town will have to make up the reduction etc etc.
I think such information should come from PV&R and not various state agencies. 
This is yet another tax hit for a town wh. already has an Army Corps Dam, the union high school, a state park and so on.  We can be thankful that we are not Burlington, Montpelier & Waterbury in this regard. 
Where is there the teensiest bit of equity in taxation under this system which 'equalizes' Grand Lists BUT fails to acknowledge that some municipalities are becoming more and more burdened by happening to be located where region-wide services are provided to people in surrounding towns?
Good grief, we have no clue where this fits into the education tax scheme.  This buildings are new - people moved in last December  BUT they did not all come from Townshend.  etc etc. 
PV&R can you validate this???
Miki, Townshend Treasurer