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It Is a good question - but not one that has come up here in Williamstown.  I believe that people also check into the office at our school but I don’t know that we will do anything different than before as far as people in and out of the school.



Deborah Palmer, Town Clerk

Town of Williamstown

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Williamstown, VT  05679

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Subject: Polling in Schools - Query for Clerks


Hello Clerks,


The issue of school security in our town has now come up in the context

of the two elections this fall.


In our town, visitors are now required to sign in at a desk near the

school office and wear a badge.


What happens on Election Day? How do we maintain security and safety in

the school when it is wide open to whoever comes through the door on

this one day?


It hasn't been an issue for Town Meeting, because, of course, there is

no school.


The parking lot and buses coming and going isn't an issue either.


Can clerks who hold elections at their town's schools please respond?


Thanks, in advance.


Heidi Racht