Hi Jennifer

Vergennes has a recycling center that we allow abutting towns to use for
a contract fee.  The amount of the contract is determined by the amount
of the budget to operate the center divided by the number of users from
each town.  Once every couple of years we do a census twice during the
year (winter and summer) and ask users at the center what town they are
coming from.  Contracts are billed annually to the towns with quarterly

Seems to work out fine; been doing this for over ten years.  We do not
issue stickers for vehicles.

Joan Devine

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Thank you Doreen, that is very helpful.  This is exactly the info I'm
looking for.  I have already contacted NEKWMD which serves us, however
there was only one municipality which has a shared facility so I thought
I would query the state via the net here.  Thanks again.


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>Jennifer -
>Westminster has an attractive agreement with Rockingham; their
>center is located in Westminster -- the arrangement is that Rockingham
>us property taxes, and we return it to them as our contribution to the
>center.  In return, our residents are able to use the facility along
>Rockingham residents.  We don't have stickers or ID cards.  I suggest
>contact the Rockingham Town Offices (802/463-3964) for details on the
>of your questions.
>Doreen Woodward, Town Clerk/Treasurer
>Town of Westminster
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>Fax: (802) 722-9816
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>Subject: Shared recycling and waste services
>Greetings on a beautiful day!
>Do any towns share recycling and/or waste removal services with another
>town?  How do you breakdown the fees between the towns?   Any problems
>lessons learned in the process?  Do you have ID cards for your
residents or
>stickers they have to purchase?
>We would appreciate any comments as we are exploring this situation
with a
>neighboring town.  
>Thanks in advance!
>Jennifer Hanlon
>UTG Supervisor