The only Policy in the Town of Sharon is that the selectboard has to give permission. I have never seen it use for anything but non profit.
Fire department, church, Historical Soceity. Old home day is the bigest event which combines all of these on that one day
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I would also be interested in any policies or ordinances.  Please email it to [log in to unmask] or fax to 802-879-6503.


Thank you!



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Our town was given a piece of land to develop a town common.  Some volunteers were assembled to develop this and they’ve done a super job, trees were planted, grass has grown in, a gazebo and a playground were added.  Now we have this lovely space in the village of Thetford Center.


Various groups now want use the space and the Selectboard has been considering a policy for use of this space (since the first use created lots of controversy!).  If your town has a policy or ordinance, would you send it to me, or to the list?  Thanks


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