Ah, I know the scenario very well.  Until the past six months, our lister situation here was really bad, so bad that the SB was considering farming it out to a firm, although no one thought that was ideal.
Then the SB appointed a lister who is incredibly dedicated, energetic and knowledgeable, which started turning things around.  Next, the voters (on the SB and new lister's recommendation), tripled the lister budget at Town Meeting, including raising salaries and making a provision for mileage.   Then the SB appointed a second lister, and made provision for training of that person. Due to these efforts, we're now in good shape and getting better.  But prior to that, the Town Clerk-Treasurer WAS indeed doing lots of lister work (reluctantly!).
So I think it's important that the SB and voters step up to the plate and create the conditions that make the lister job a bit more attractive to people...
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Enosburgh would like to know from the town clerks how much work on current use, HS-122 downloads, etc., that should be work of listers that you do your selves?  We are having trouble finding any listers my board would like any input.