I have a booklet put out by the Secrety of State titled "About
Abatement."  It discusses all of these issues.  
 Today at lunch we are having a potluck.  Joe Levesque is suppose to be
here.  I will give him the booklet and ask that he drop it off to you
this afternoon.


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Subject: Board of Abatement questions

Hi all,


I'm clerking my first Board of Abatement hearing this evening and have a
few questions I hope you all can help me with:


1)     Is the board limited in what testimony it can take?  I know some
members of the Board have additional knowledge about certain properties,
and will be tempted to use that knowledge in making their decisions.
(Example:  The owner of an apartment building damaged by fire is seeking
abatement.  However, according to one board member, the owner has no
intention of making any repairs to the building.  He has accepted his
insurance check and has the property on the market.  The asking price is
considerably higher than what the assessor is using in his
recommendations for abatement)


2)     Can the Board take payment histories into consideration?  What
about if requestors are currently delinquent in tax payments or water &
sewer payments?


3)     I couldn't find anything in statute regarding delivering oaths to
board members or requesters prior to giving or receiving testimony.  Am
I required to do so?  Is the text for the oath available somewhere?


Thanks all!






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