Re: New atom-smasher could open a black hole,0,5535244.story
From the Los Angeles Times
New atom-smasher could fill gaps in scientific knowledge -- or open a black hole

Europe's enormous $8-billion particle accelerator, to be activated as early as this summer, is generating both excitement and fear.
By John Johnson Jr.
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

April 13, 2008
GENEVA - Michelangelo L. Mangano, a respected particle physicist who helped discover the top quark in 1995, now spends most days trying to convince people that his new machine won't destroy the world.


"Look," Mangano said, leaning forward in his chair at CERN's sprawling complex, "what if I told you tomorrow when you shave you will blow up the world? You laugh. You say that can't happen. But how do you know?
"The only thing we know is that there have been about a million billion shaves since people started shaving and the world is still here," he said. "So all we can say is the probability of you blowing up the world when you shave tomorrow is less than one in 10^15."
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        No mechanism has been even vaguely envisaged for the world to be upblown by a person's shaving.  But, at least according to Wagner, a mechanism has been vaguely envisaged for the planet to be severely damaged by a new mini-blackhole produced on its surface. Mangano's last furphy is dishonest. 
Let's have a scientific answer, not trickery with misleading stats.