Come hear Brian Tokar speak, Friday Night at the Five-Towns Forum

Friday, April 11, 2008 at 8:00 p.m. Sharp!
7:30 p.m. for coffee and cake

Hewlett-Woodmere Library
1125 Broadway
Hewlett, New York

Admission is Free.

Long Island Railroad to Hewlett, on the Rockaway Line.

Efforts to prevent catastrophic global warming have become a 
signature struggle of our time. While scientists emphasize the 
potential long-range consequences of continuing climate changes, the 
world's poorest people are already directly affected. The destruction 
of many New Orleans neighborhoods by Hurricane Katrina is linked to 
long-range climate trends, and the UN's World Development Report 
states that one out of 19 people in the global South has already been 
impacted by increased droughts, floods, wildfires and other 
consequences of climate disruption. While the US has historically 
been the largest source of excessive emissions of "greenhouse gases" 
into the atmosphere, our government lags far behind the rest of the 
world in addressing the problem. We will explore the global justice 
dimensions of today's climate changes, and discuss the economic, 
political and social transformations that are needed to sustain the 
earth's ecological balances and our hopes for a more just society.


A Talk by Brian Tokar

Brian Tokar has been an activist, author and a leading critical voice 
for ecological activism since the 1970's, and is currently the 
Director of the Institute for Social Ecology, based in Vermont. He is 
the author of The Green Alternative (1987, revised 1992) and Earth 
for Sale (1997), and edited Redesigning Life?, an international 
collection on the politics and implications of biotechnology, (Zed 
Books, 2001), as well as Gene Traders: Biotechnology, World Trade and 
Globalization of Hunger (Toward Freedom, 2004). Brian has lectured 
throughout the US, as well as internationally, and is acclaimed as a 
passionate advocate of grassroots action for food sovereignty and 
global justice. His articles on environmental issues, emerging 
ecological movements, and resistance to genetic engineering appear in 
Z Magazine, Earth Island Journal, Toward Freedom, and on websites 
such as Counterpunch, Znet, Truthout, and WW4Report. Brian holds 
concurrent degrees from MIT in biology and physics, and a Masters 
degree in biophysics from Harvard University.