Michael Balter wrote:
> I'm not quite sure what prompts this rant from Herb, but empty words
> about "concrete struggle" don't get us anywhere and some people need
> to get their heads unstuck from old slogans and old thinking and
> seriously face the real challenges ahead of us.

Disagreement is hardly a rant. But if you want to disagree, rather
fundamentally, with a number of people on this list (including those who
go back to organization Science-for-the-People, you need at the least to
recognize what their assumptios are, and then if you disagree with those
assumptions, argue your disagreement. You ignored those assumptions many
of us hold when you accuse CNN of "irresponsibility." Irresponsible for

CNN is, after all, an organ of the u.s. ruling class, and it is
responsible to that task! The interests of that ruling class are quite
incompatle with the interests of "the people," and it is therefore
merely blowing smoke to whinte about CNN's "irresponsibility"  to the
people or the truth or whatever. Did the people of London in the fall of
1940 whine about how irresponsible the Luftwaffe was to the health and
safety of Londoners? Hence it is ridiculous, _in this context_, to huff
and puff that a science for the people needs to be based on truth! Gee
whiz, who wudda thunk it.

So harangues at CNN here are pointless, as are harangues against
capitalism or other ills out there in the world. On the other hand, if
you want to make concrete (ah, that word again) proposals for fighting
CNN, fine, and they don't need to be macho but they do need to be
something more than squeaking at the horror of it all.

CNN is The Enemy, not an immoral friend. It is immoral friends that one
accuses of irresponsibility.