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Who are you, PJ Farquhar, who just joined this list apparently for the sole purpose of reopening this over-discussed question?


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In popular literature and on International AIDS Day, the general public is led to
believe that the HIV->AIDS hypothesis is founded in medical science and
truth. However, an international groups of more than 2000 scientists, doctors,
health advocates, writers, and others, have been examining the science and
medicine of AIDS research and have found many unanswered questions and
evidence of outright fraud on the part of the primary promoters of this

These "AIDS Rethinkers" have named April 23, 2008 the first Rethinking AIDS
Day, commemorating the announcement by Robert Gallo that he had found
the "probable" cause of AIDS, even though he had no proof at the time.
Amazingly, in the 24 years since his announcement, no one has shown such
medical proof.

Read more, and join in with the events.


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