Let's have one last go at this. The clear lack of freedoms in a country like
Cuba, which too many leftists still see as a last beacon of socialism,
discredit socialism in the eyes of most of the world--including those who
would have every reason to embrace socialist ideals otherwise. Those who
make excuses for the lack of democracy, as Louis does consistently on this
list, give objective aid to the discrediting of socialism, just as those who
defended the Soviet Union through thick and thin objectively helped doomed
the socialist project for generations. Full stop.


On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 10:08 AM, Louis Proyect <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Michael Balter wrote:
> > It would be very refreshing if Louis or others who comment on my posting
> > of material about Cuba actually engage with the content of the articles I
> > post, and on whether they are accurate or accurately reflect the situation
> > in that country, rather than bring in issues that are extraneous to the
> > matter at hand.
> >
> I will continue to make these points as long as you refuse to acknowledge
> that the playing field is not level. Any other country that had to put up
> with the kind of military and military aggression that Cuba has would most
> surely be less democratic. In 1942 the US threw Japanese-Americans into
> concentration camps because it was at war with Japan. That's how
> "democracies" act when under threat. On its worst days, Cuba never did
> anything like that.

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