Michael Balter wrote:
> Let's have one last go at this. The clear lack of freedoms in a country 
> like Cuba, which too many leftists still see as a last beacon of 
> socialism, discredit socialism in the eyes of most of the 
> world--including those who would have every reason to embrace socialist 
> ideals otherwise. Those who make excuses for the lack of democracy, as 
> Louis does consistently on this list, give objective aid to the 
> discrediting of socialism, just as those who defended the Soviet Union 
> through thick and thin objectively helped doomed the socialist project 
> for generations. Full stop.
> MB

Amen. We should all be concerned about the lack of freedoms in any 
country, be it the United States or Cuba. What annoys the hell out of me 
are the American leftists who continue to hold up Cuba as some kind of 
alternative socialist model. Cuba ain't socialist and I doubt that many 
on this list would want to live in a hellhole like Cuba is today.

Unfortunately, many of us live in this hellhole known as the United States.

I'll return everybody to the predictable responses to Cuba criticism 
which typically boil down to: 1) being accused of doing the work of the 
U.S. State Department; 2) being likened to some liberal writer for the 
Nation; 3) or some boilerplate bullshit about the Cuban health care system.

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