Claudia - 


I have to run off to class.  But some topics that come to have the students
read, write, present and debate about.


-         New highly efficient vehicles for energy conservation

-         Maglev trains  

-         time travel -- fact and fiction

-         physics of mass/individual transportation

-         physics and physiology of running/ bicycle riding

-         perpetual motion - does it work?


Good Luck!





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Subject: Request for ideas, lesson samples, etc. for teaching writing to
at-risk students entering science majors


Hi all,

All of a sudden (yesterday) I've been invited to submit a proposed
curriculum -- tomorrow afternoon! -- for teaching writing and other
communication skills to students in my university's summer "Upward Bound
Math/Science" program.  A writing course syllabus is no problem - but for
assignment topics and ideas that speak to the Math/Science (and Engineering)
theme?  I'd love your help, because the 3-week intensive course needs to
link to:

2008 Theme "EXPLORE motion"
This year's Upward Bound Math Science summer program will address the
physics of motions, construction of vehicles or instruments that move, the
changes of environmental elements in relation to place through movement over
time, creation of maps depicting places and tracks of motion for
environmental elements, organisms or humans. 
The theme is the guiding topic to correlate instruction for the participants
and each course offered should contain an element of the theme.  

So, I'm looking for ideas or better yet, inspiring quotes, sample lesson
plans, resource materials or syllabuses that will help me tie the writing to
these students' physics (and other science) learning.  I've taught a ton of
writing skills, especially technical and science writing, to students in the
contexts of environmental science, ethics, film studies, anthropology, and
human biology...  but I'm eager for ideas on how to tie into physics and
engineering of motion.  

I want to use Thomas Georges' free online "Analytical Writing for Science
and Technology" as the main "textbook", because it's fun, short, and focuses
not on write as a science student, but in the real world, in science or
engineering jobs.  What I need are sample syllabuses and or lesson plans and
concepts that could focus directly on this "Science of Motion" theme.

These will be mainly Native American and Hispanic high school juniors and
seniors whose families are classed as low-income and non-traditional (no one
with a college degree).  Upward Bound is a longtime (ca. 35 years) U.S. Dept
of Ed funded program to help get them into college and equipped to stay in,
and succeed.   

The time frame is nuts, and I'm going to be up late sandwiching this in
between other jobs -- but I'd LOVE to get this job. I not only need summer
work to keep finishing my diss, these are exactly the students I love to
teach, the ones our capitalist and class-structured system would happily
write off.  A great SftP opportunity, if I can get past the Education
Bureaucrats at the gate...

Any ideas?  Examples? Links?  Emailing me off-list is fine!