The In Defense of Marxism website (IDOM) is associated with a small 
Trotskyist sect in Great Britain that was led by Ted Grant until his 
death 2 years ago. It is now led by Alan Woods who has done some good 
work in publicizing and defending the Bolivarian revolution in 
Venezuela, even if there is some sectarian baggage that goes along with it.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Grant-Woods tendency was its 
rather serious engagement with science, especially manifested in the two 
leaders’ book “Reason in Revolt: Marxism and Modern Science”. That 
legacy has been tarnished by the appearance of a 2-part article on 
global warming by one Brian J. Baker. Baker’s article is filled with the 
usual global warming skepticism found at places like Spiked and in 
Alexander Cockburn’s recent articles. It should be mentioned that IDOM 
has never published anything like this in the past. Only last December 
they were saying things like this:

The impact of climate change, says the report, will vary regionally but 
in an overall view it points out that even with temperatures rising only 
3C there will be an important increase of mortality from heat waves, 
floods and droughts; reduced agricultural production in low latitude 
areas with important negative impact on smallholders, subsistence 
farmers and fishermen; 30% of the world species will be at risk of 
extinction and hundreds of millions of people will be exposed to 
increased water stress.

	Those less able to adapt to these new circumstances will receive the 
heaviest blow. These are the poor of the world and it will matter very 
little whether they live in Burkina or in the United States of America, 
as the working class and poor of New Orleans learnt during and after 

Now we learn from Brian J. Baker that global warming is a capitalist 
plot against the working class:

	“We are all going to fry,” a sentiment endorsed from the ex-public 
schoolboys from Eton, to the lofty heights of Rupert Murdoch and George 
Soros from the media and financial world. And at the same time are 
joined by various left and pseudo-socialist organisations the world over.

	So what is it that unites such disparate class interests? A common 
understanding that industrialisation has destroyed the planet? But then 
the Victorian gentry had a disparaging attitude to the common men of 
trade. “Tradesmen’s Entrance” was always around the back. And we have 
always seen the religious fundamentalists parading along Oxford Street 
telling us to “Prepare to meet thy doom.”

Fred Weston prefaces Baker’s article by stating that it “is not the job 
of the Editorial board to develop a ‘line’ on climate 
change.” Maybe that is so, but it does strike me as a bit odd to see two 
so sharply opposed articles on global warming within a few months. He 
adds that he invites “any of our readers, comrades and supporters, 
especially the more scientifically qualified, to contribute to this 
debate with their opinions both for and against.” Well, that’s very 
generous of him, but until his website actually includes a place for 
comments or letters, the invitation seems pretty hollow.