Chuck, Cuba is a hellhole?  Have you been there lately?  Ever?   My criticism of your response is that it is simply ignornant of Cuba.  Having been there, I can attest that there is more joy in an average Cuban neighborhood than in the suburban hellhole where you live.
Amen. We should all be concerned about the lack of freedoms in any
country, be it the United States or Cuba. What annoys the hell out of me
are the American leftists who continue to hold up Cuba as some kind of
alternative socialist model. Cuba ain't socialist and I doubt that many
on this list would want to live in a hellhole like Cuba is today.

Unfortunately, many of us live in this hellhole known as the United States.

I'll return everybody to the predictable responses to Cuba criticism
which typically boil down to: 1) being accused of doing the work of the
U.S. State Department; 2) being likened to some liberal writer for the
Nation; 3) or some boilerplate bullshit about the Cuban health care system.

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