I agree. They need to define their goals. Is the point to save the most money or make the biggest impact on their carbon footprint?  What kind of demand for hot water and/or for space heat do they have?  Do they have a range of money they have to spend on these projects?  What fuels and technologies will they be replacing?


However, it is an interesting question that will require some thought regardless of the answers. 


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Those are two completely different systems: one for domestic hot water and one for space heating. So what are your friend's goals and what are the issues being juggled?

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I have a friend who is debating between installing a solar hot water system, or a pellet stove, and I would like to ask VGBN member's opinions.

Could you please include vendor contact information with your suggestions, and references of home owners with either systems, or both?

Lastly, please feel free to respond to "[log in to unmask]" directly, and/or to "[log in to unmask]"- not "[log in to unmask]".

Many thanks!




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