Michelle:   I have not done this myself, but here are some ideas I have seen:
    --etch glass with acid -- done by stained glass people with stencils, etc to etch designs into the glass.  Supplies at stained glass studio? (there's one on Pine Street...)
      --yes you can sandblast the glass to make it translucent.  Perhaps a contractor ( Acme glass, etc...) could do this with portable equipment  -- or you could take the glass in to a paint shop, etc that has sand blast equipment.
    --translucent film applied to the glass -- 3M makes many different films to be applied to glass.
    --translucent fiberglass panel (Kalwall, etc) to be cut to size and held against the glass.  
    --window covering shops -- Tina's, Gordon's, etc... fabric or other types of shades, etc.  
    Good Luck!         Dennis Bates 
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Subject: "Environmentall Safe" Glass Etching?


Does anyone have any suggestions for kits or products used to etch (sandblast?) existing glass panels, such as those next to doorways? 

The goal would be to make the whole panel of glass opaque so one could see shapes, but not identify people.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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