Well, I went out into the woods hoping to hear that mystery bird 
again, but it wasn't singing at the moment.

Still trying to figure out what bird I heard on Sunday singing Treat 
treat treeeeeeeeee tre'-et with tone lower and slower than a typical 
warbler's and more sweet and crisp as well.  I listened to all the 
warbler songs online but it wasn't like any of those.  The call was 
also consistent, so not likely a juvenile tuning up.

Nonetheless, I heard a wonderful racket of tapping and spied a female 
HAIRY WOODPECKER (I think. Looked bigger than a Hairy but no red on 
the head) working determinedly on one spot on a dead trunk.  So I 
will revisit that site to see what's happening.  A louder hollow 
tapping ensued from another tree not too far on as I walked back 
out.  It remains to be discovered if it was the same bird or 
another.  The chickadees were everywhere out there.

Back home a female DOWNY WOODPECKER came to the feeder shortly after 
a rainshower passed through.  CHICKADEES, BLUEJAYS, CARDINALS, 
REDWINGED BLACKBIRDS abounded, and a lone JUNCO foraging beneath the 
lilac bushes.

I heard some bird offering a hollow-reed-like single note, usually 
three times but sometimes two or four.  It was raining or I would 
have gone out to seek.

A SHARP-SHINNED HAWK made the rounds overhead, then moved on.

Our bird boxes are still unoccupied.  How about yours?

~ June in Jericho