Spring on Sodom Pond, Adamant in Calais:

Canada geese, a few on the ice, more in the air,
flock of bluebirds, backs brilliant blue, ruddy breasted,
only one song sparrow,
many junco's,
a peregrine falcon?????
robins galore,
bluejays too,
red-winged blackbirds trill,
black ducks, hooded mergansers and mallards, each a couple,
phoebe, phoebe (yup, I typed it twice),
a single great blue overhead,
killdeer, three, in a pasture near,
downy's and hairy's and pileated drilling,
flock of evening grosbeaks,
not to mention, (yes, I guess I will)
a beaver family, otters and a mink...
blood from a wounded deer.

That's how it's been, down here
in the village - this week.

On Apr 11, 2008, at 9:46 AM, Tom Slayton wrote:

> This morning (4/11) at Berlin Pond:
> 4 wood ducks (3m, 1f)
> 2 mallards(pr)
> 2 black ducks
> 2 green-winged teal (pr)
> 8-9 hooded mergansers, (at least 5 males, rest females/immatures)
> 1 common merganser (m)
> 1 Canada goose
> 7-15 tree swallows
> 1 barn swallow
> 1 song sparrow
> lots of redwings, robins, rusties that I could see.
> and sitting on the ice, one beaver, chewing vegetation.
> Tom Slayton