This is the Vermont Rare Bird Alert for April 21, 2008 covering the period
April 14-21, 2008.


The highlights of the week were two SANDHILL CRANES seen at Bristol Pond on
4/15 and first sightings of many species, indicated by an asterisk in the


A GREAT EGRET* was observed in Shelburne on 4/20. Three BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT
HERONS* returned to Delta Park on 4/16.


Four SCOTERS (species unknown, 4/18) and two LONG-TAILED DUCKS (4/16) were
seen off Grand Isle this week.  


BROAD-WINGED HAWK* sightings were numerous all over the state.  A MERLIN was
spotted in Proctor on 4/15.


A VIRGINIA RAIL* was seen at the West Rutland Marsh on 4/19.


Shorebird sightings include:  GREATER YELLOWLEGS* (Missisquoi NWR (2 on
4/17; Lewis Creek, 2 on 4/17), Laplatte River Marsh Natural Area (2 on
4/17), Addison (1 on 4/19) and at the Cornwall Swamp WMA (7 on 4/20); LESSER
YELLOWLEGS* (Brattleboro Retreat Meadows, 1 on 4/19); a SPOTTED SANDPIPER*
at Lake Pauline in Ludlow on 4/20 and an UPLAND SANDPIPER* in West
Brattleboro on 4/20. 


CASPIAN TERNS* were seen in Shelburne Bay at the mouth of the LaPlatte River
(1 on 4/19) and along Lewis Creek (2 on 4/17).


A COMMON NIGHTHAWK* was observed at Brattleboro Retreat Meadows on 4/19.


There was a report of a RED-HEADED WOODPECKER in Castleton on 4/16.  Many
sightings of NORTHERN FLICKERS * occurred this week all over Vermont.


An EASTERN KINGBIRD* was sighted at North Branch Nature Center in Montpelier
on 4/14.


Lingering NORTHERN SHRIKES were spotted in Essex Junction on 4/14 and in
Windsor on 4/15.


BLUE-HEADED VIREOS* returned this week and were sighted in Ripton, South
Starksboro, Norwich, Richmond, West Brattleboro and Quechee.


PURPLE MARTINS* were observed in Grand Isle on 4/17, Addison (3 on 4/17) and
Chimney Point (3 on 4/20).  NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOWS* were spotted in
Grand Isle, West Rutland, Potash Bay and Arnold Bay this week.  A BANK
SWALLOW* was spotted at the West Rutland Marsh on 4/19.


A VEERY* was heard in Shelburne at the LaPlatte River Marsh on 4/18.


BROWN THRASHERS* returned to West Rutland, Grand Isle, Bennington,
Ferrisburg Town Beach and Berlin Pond this week.


An AMERICAN PIPIT was seen in Vergennes on 4/19.


BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS were lingering in South Burlington, Williston and Essex
Junction this week.


PALM WARBLERS* were spotted in Montpelier (1), Herrick's Cove (7),
Bennington (1), West Brattleboro (2), Dead Creek WMA (1) and Allen Brothers
Marsh this week.  A  LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH* was observed in Norwich and
Danby on 4/20.  A COMMON YELLOWTHROAT* was seen in Richmond on 4/18.


EASTERN TOWHEES* were back in West Rutland, Saxton's River, South
Starksboro, Waitsfield, Rupert and South Newfane this week.


A lingering SNOW BUNTING was seen in Berlin on 4/16.  An early INDIGO
BUNTING was observed in West Rutland on 4/16.


COMMON REDPOLLS are still around, with sightings in East Hardwick (40, 75),
Johnson (14), Westmore (1), Waterbury (15-20), Brattleboro (1), Warren
(50-100) and Bakersfield this week. 


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Mary Holland

Chris Rimmer

Kent McFarland

Roz Renfrew

Vermont RBA Compilers,

Vermont Center for Ecostudies (VCE)