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By Paul Casciato and Belinda Goldsmith, Reuters.

LONDON/SYDNEY (Reuters Life!) - Flying penguins, lampooned heads of state,
foul-mouthed chefs gone polite and a car that repels full-bladdered dogs
topped the list of April Fool pranks around the world on Tuesday.

An elaborate BBC video of flying penguins topped a rich offering of spoofs
in Britain that included Gordon Ramsay, Alistair Darling and a full-page
advert from BMW.

The Independent newspaper reported that foul-mouthed TV chef Ramsay was
banning swearing in all his restaurants after Australian authorities refused
an application for him to set up an eatery on the grounds of "decency".

The BMW advert, carried in several newspapers, purported to introduce Canine
Repellent Alloy Protection, an ingenious system of delivering an electric
shock to any dog thinking of relieving itself against a BMW wheel.

The Daily Telegraph featured a story based on BBC footage of a colony of
penguins that flies thousands of miles to the rainforests of South America
to sunbathe

With an eye to last week's French state visit, the Sun said diminutive
President Nicolas Sarkozy will be stretched five inches to help him see eye
to eye with supermodel wife Carla Bruni.


Sorry, folks. I really thought they were amazing, too! In fact, TOO amazing.


Jeanne Keller