Another report to add to what sounds like a sad trend, one of our farmer neighbors on Peth Road in Randolph reported finding a dead owl in their barn about a week ago.  Described as likely a Barred, and may be the one we had observed roosting on their property a couple of times in March.
  Rick Enser, Braintree

Jane Stein <[log in to unmask]> wrote:   Boy, that's just what I've been wondering. For the last month, 
my cat has easily been catching one or two voles a day as the 
snow cover has gradually receded. The only thing I can think of 
is that perhaps by the time the rodents had become more 
accessible, the owls were already in such poor condition that 
they couldn't catch them.


Mundi Smithers wrote:

> While we were away in Tobago our house/critter sitter .... also a
> birder..... found a dead Barred Owlbeside the road. She said it was
> painfully thin and she brought it home and buried it here on the farm.
> It seems strange to me as we have an abundance of owl fodder here and the
> snow cover here in the lowlands of the river valley has been slim to none
> over the last month and a half.
> Mundi
> Pownal

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