I want to thank Ernie Buford for posting the link to the Vermont Daily Field 
Card. I had know idea that a card like this excised. If you haven't seen this 
card, it's very helpful to birders of all ages and skills. Have you ever wondered 
what types of birds we have in Vermont, or when you might see them. This is 
a good source of information for all that. Use the link below to down load the 
hand card.

Good birding
Pete and Carol
Ludlow Vt

Re: Field Sparrow Photos
From: Ernie Buford <ebuford AT UVM.EDU>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 10:22:16 -0400

Carol Johnson wrote:
> These are all the images I got all I hope we got the ID right, but if it 

> please let me know. photos at :  
> Does anyone know how to check arrival dates for this bird?

There may be a different link to this now that the ConsBio folks
have left VINS to establish their own org, but here's the link
I have on the VTBIRD site:

Vermont Daily Field Card

Enjoying your photos!