Up here in Westmore- the same thing- not a single Purple Finch or Goldfinch all winter. (from limited trips and from  pers. comments from mother-in- law) This weekend Purple Finches are all over- there was at one point 4 females and 5 males at the feeder at the same time.

I was up on Maple Sugar weekend with so few birds (March 29) This weekend so different with lots of song. At our place in Westmore and in town here is my ebird report:
Location:     Westmore, Orleans County, VT, US
Observation date:     4/20/08
Number of species:     32

Canada Goose     4
Mallard     6
Ruffed Grouse     1
Wild Turkey     6
Common Loon     1
American Kestrel     2
Mourning Dove     6
Hairy Woodpecker     2
Northern Flicker     2
Eastern Phoebe     2
American Crow     7
Common Raven     2
Tree Swallow     12
Black-capped Chickadee     28
Red-breasted Nuthatch     3
White-breasted Nuthatch     1
Winter Wren     3
Golden-crowned Kinglet     6
Hermit Thrush     3
American Robin     35
European Starling     16
Yellow-rumped Warbler     2
Fox Sparrow     1
Song Sparrow     5
White-throated Sparrow     11
Dark-eyed Junco     15
Red-winged Blackbird     5
Common Grackle     15
Purple Finch     9
Common Redpoll     1
Evening Grosbeak     4
House Sparrow     6

This report was generated automatically by eBird v2(
Bob Stymeist/Martha Steele
Westmore VT and Arlington, MA


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