Hello All,

Craig Provost and I headed south this morning, and these were our highlights:

3 Wilson's Snipe in Salisbury off Creek Rd. at 8:02am

17 Rusty Blackbirds (13m&4f) at Pleasant Brook in Leicester on 
Leicester/Whiting Rd. at 8:43am

2 Northern Shoveler (m&f) on Leicester/Whiting Rd. in Whiting at 8:49am

Eastern Phoebe in Shoreham Ctr. at beginning of Lemon Fair River at 9:08am

Red-bellied Woodpecker (m) on Buttolph Rd. in Shoreham at 9:12am

Eastern Meadowlark singing atop a tree off West St. in Cornwall at 10:05am

Northern Flicker (heard) on West St. at 10:29am

Pied-billed Grebe (heard) off Fort Cassin Rd. in Ferrisburg at 1:42pm

Northern Shrike in tree off Hawkins Rd. in Ferrisburg at 1:53pm

Yellow-rumped Warbler (f) on Thompson's Pt. in Charlotte at 3:33pm

Field Sparrow at Red Rocks Park in Burlington at 4:46pm

Enjoy Birds,

Jim Mead