Pine Elfin? That green tinge though hmm. Unless it is a trick of the light. Since they are related to Hairstreaks the wing shifting is a shared behavior. Any White Pines nearby? Kevin
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Sent: Sunday, April 20, 2008 7:43 PM
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This butterfly was on the trail at Equinox Preserve
(Manchester) near the pond in a wooded area.  I had no
camera, no net, binoculars that don't have close
range.  The butterfly settled on the trail, appeared
to shift wings back and forth like a hairstreak. I
approached on all fours, creeping closer and closer
then in a sudden swoop I caught it in my hand.
Unfortunately, it was quite mangled.  These are the
photos I took at home.  It starts to disintegrate when
I try to open it up so I"m hoping there are enough
clues here to get an identification.

Also on the trail were several Mourning Cloaks and one