For the first time in its 16 year history, Team USA won the Whistler Cup.
The Whistler Cup is one of the premier events for 11-14 year olds in the
world (maybe its *the* premier event?) See 

This year they awarded trophies for both Kinder 1 (J4's) and Kinder 2 (J3's)
teams as well as the overall trophy.  The US K2 team did very well capturing
3rd place in the team scoring, but it was the incredibly strong US K1 Team
that was crowned the K1 winner and they are the ones who brought the USA the
Whistler Cup.  See

The K1 team was anchored by two very powerful young ladies from Vermont.
Michaela Shiffrin, from Burke Mountain Academy, won all three K1 races, and
Okemo's Hana Saydek captured a Silver Medal (SG), a Bronze Medal (GS) and
was 4th in the SL.

Great showing on a world stage for Vermont Skiers!!!!

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