it's not like i'm tooting my own horn -- vince deserves the credit -- but our film "sponsor 
me, jake" has been accepted at telluride mountainfilm festival.  whoooopeee.  
unfortunately, neither vince nor i will be attending, so if anyone wants to represent the film, 
there are 4 free nights of lodging somewhere in telluride sometime around memorial day 

it's a longshot, but it could even be traveling to a town near you -- i think they select the 
audience favorites for the touring show.  

so now we can call it an "award-winning" film i guess.  contact vince at peregrine 
productions (dot com) if you want to purchase a copy (only half-joking).  and i also guess 
that now we have to make another one.  we have few ideas, but i do have a working title: 
"mad phat II, beyond the gravel-dome."


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