I went Saturday-only to the Plaid Partee 'cause on Sunday I thought I'd use up the Mad River passes I still have and save a little scratch. Whose, obv.
I tried to cajole some non-lister friends into driving Sunday--even in exchange for a pass--but no. Finally my friend Bill said he'd go, but not to MRG--too central Vermont, he said, and being a fair-weather skier, he doesn't like skiing in the rain. Whose, but there it is. Jay was where the car was going, and so that was where I went. Early.
In the lodge Bill, Kurt and I scored some $20 tickets from a young Quebecois couple; plus there were free cookies.
We had all manner of weatha: rain on the way up, freezing rain at the top in the a.m., fine needle snow, snow pellets, sunshine, and finally snowflakes. The variability of conditions hasn't yet ceased to surprise, or the change from the brown valley countryside to the alpine, where the trees were covered in rime.
The ungroomed was refrozen ice bumps, so we stuck to the groomed, making GS turns on the Stateside triple trails, then on some blue cruisers with friends who'd booked a condo for the weekend. While we repaired to their tramside pad for lunch, the sun came out, and at the same time the snow turned to flakes. By then there was some softening and sunshine, enough for us to try the bumps on Jet. I tried Kitz Woods and found just enough covering to make it OK. We traversed to the tram, and went to Beaver Pond glade, which was firm, but really nice. Then I discovered that Bolton's flats aren't so bad, and am spoiled by Mansfield's consistent pitch: where's the rope tow outta there? Coming back to the tram, I double-poled for 5 solid minutes. If I did that regularly, I'd have the upper body of a Nordic racer.
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