Mark R wrote:
>Hey, I ain't complaining.  It's low maintenance, I got it for a 
>great price, my McCondo fee takes care of the lawn and other 
>housekeeping things, it ain't in foreclosure, I got a fixed rate, 
>it's in a safe neighborhood around the corner from the Hudson Mass 
>police station, it's more than doubled in value since I bought it, 
>it's within walking distance of the Horseshoe Pub with it's 80 yummy 
>beers on tap and I'm a mile from an exit on Interstate 495.  So, 
>life's pretty cool.

Doesn't seem bad at all. I can think of a lot of other places less 
favorable, plus, you're only what, 3+ hrs or so to northern VT? And 
you can get a decent initraM without having to search it out along 
with access to a lot of great Irish bars. Yeah, not too bad.


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