Jonathan Kamien>  "What say ye about Bachelor turns from May 12 through May 14? (likely open terrain, hours of operation, etc)"

The List knows that I'm a big Mammoth fan.  IMHO no place in N Am. will have more or better terrain open in mid May than Mammoth.  It's also easy to get to from LA.  

I have been to Bachelor several times in May and have always had a good time.  By May they close one side of the mtn., the Outback side, the one that Leigh likes.  The Pine Marten Lodge is open and the PM lift.  The summit lift and 3 or 4 lifts that are more or less directly below it are also open.  Most of the open terrain is wide open high speed GS cruising.  It's rated blue but there will be a lot of racers on it practicing their railroad track carves at 1000 mph.  Well, not a whole lot.  On weekdays in May there may be 200 people on the mtn., a couple dozen racers and a large group of Japanese who go every year at that time and are very friendly, and some locals.  The sun and the corn will be gorgeous by 10-11 AM.  There is some really nice steep skiing if you are adventurous and willing to work for it.  As you ride up the Pine Marten lift on the right is a subsidiary volcanic cone with a couple hundred vertical feet of 35-40 deg. turns.  You ski to
 a saddle from the trails and from there it's just a short climb.  It catches the morning sun and corns up faster than anything else, usually by lift opening.  Below is a short stretch of trees, stay right to return to the lift without walking.  

The Cirque off the summit lift offers serious steep skiing.  I once found a foot of dry powder in there on a May morning when the lower mtn. had just a dusting.  Below the steeps there is at least one, perhaps 2-3 (can't quite recall) more subsidiary cones, accessible by short climbs.  Find the right sun aspect and it can be glorious, it can also be glop.  The Cow Face off the summit lift is more moderate but consistent and long.  It is often cut up crud and people avoid it but  I kind of like bad snow.  Fat skis are the tool of choice.  

Views at Bachelor are stunning.  The sun is intense and you'd need lots of sunscreen and if you burn like me, a desert hat with a cape over the neck.  

I could have fun at Mammoth and at Bachelor.  I'd be happy to go with you to either place.  Sorry we never met for turns while you were in LA.  

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