OK, the short version, 'cuz I'm probably not going to get around to a  
long version:
Skinned up to hojo's with waaaay too much parc on Monday morning.   
Skied Hillman's from Christmas Tree down Monday afternoon, which was  
good (but slightly firm).  We also did some digging to make the  
entrance to our shelter a bit more usable (the entrances were sort of  
dug out, but they lacked any sort of stairs or even bootpack steps,  
and the snow was darn near the roofline).

Tuesday morning, we summitted; I was comfortable on the summit with a  
light Ibex softshell over  a Cap 3 t-neck.  That's how nice it was.   
The snowfields skied nicely, although they had an interesting crust  
layer in places; we skied down over the Lip and into the bowl, and  
then I went back up to catch Sluice.

Wednesday morning, we had a mishap that involved evac'ing a member of  
our party (folks, watch out for falling ice at the Lunch Rocks); I  
hiked back into the bowl after helping with the litter and took a run  
from the snowfields down either skier's left of Center Headwall or  
Chute (not sure which line name is most appropriate; I was just  
skier's left of the major buttress to skier's right of Center Headwall).

Thursday morning, we skied the 1969 slide on Lion's Head, which was  
awesome; in the afternoon, I caught up with my brother and we joined  
other members of the Bolton crew in hitting Hillman's from the top.   
The snow was a little crispy up top, where the wind was viciously  
depleting it of softness, but it turned rather nice through the middle  
section and got downright mushy near the bottom.

Friday wasn't bluebird like Monday through Thursday were, and things  
looked not to be softening up anytime soon, so we elected to ski down  
and out without taking a run first.   After finally getting to the  
bottom with a 60-lb pack and a makeshift pulk that didn't handle quite  
as well as we had hoped on the downhill, I was quite glad that I  
hadn't pushed myself to take a quick run in the morning--the Sherbie  
is plenty long enough when you've got a ridiculous amount of weight  
with you.

Overall, it was an absolutely wonderful week.  I'm hoping to get back  
sometime soon, but probably for a midweek day trip--that 60-lb pack  
just wasn't a whole lot of fun.

Kevin T. Broderick
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