Note:  My following reply to Denis is general, and has nothing to do
with Evan, as I wasn't there and can't make judgement on what I don't

On 4/21/08, Denis Bogan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> When one reads about someone
> getting caught it is almost never a newbie, gomer, whatever.
> It is almost
> always a very experienced skier and usually one with mountaineering
> credentials and certs.

Studies back  this point.

> The fact that the most experienced people get
> caught is very distressing.

And generally due in an error in judgement caused by social factors.

>  Avalanches are statistical.  they happen, and
> although there are optimum conditions for their occurrence there is a spread
> of the probability curve about its maximum.

Yes, but more often than not, there are plenty of warning signs
preceding the avalanches set off by skiers.

The following paper on heuristic traps has been printed in the mags,
and I'm pretty sure it has been previously referenced  on the list,
but I'll provide the link again, as I think it provides an important
new way of looking at the dangers of our game:

Well told tr.  Glad you're ok.  Glad you were with people that were ok
with backing off on the nest day too.

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