I know I'll probably incur some sort of never-ending wrath for this bit of spam, but I'm willing to take that chance. I work at a wonderful independent elementary school where inquiry-based education and community are the focus. Due to changing demographics and economics, the enrollment at my school is dropping at an alarming rate. You can help support the school and spread word of our existence through Chittenden County...
...with the gift of a Brunch Bag.
Give the gift of a Schoolhouse Brunch Bag to a mother you know, a loved one, or a friend. Each Brunch Bag contains croissants, brie cheese, strawberries, and chocolate and is enough for a special breakfast for two. The Brunch Bags will be delivered to your chosen recipient on Mother's Day morning by one of our friendly Schoolhouse community members. (Delivery areas are limited to Chittenden County.) You can also purchase one or more Brunch Bags to donate to mothers living in the COTS Shelter.
The Bags are $25 each and the profits go to the Scholarship Fund at The Schoolhouse (www.theschoolhousevt.org) to help keep our tuition affordable and our diversity high.
Backchannel me if you are interested. All orders must be revieved by April 30.
Thank you,

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