On Apr 17, 2008, at 11:46 AM, Sharon Lives wrote:

So, what I'm thinking, is that Henry may be correct in that these used to be 

much narrower, classic New England trails, that truly were much more 

challenging back in the day, hence the "legendary" status.

Everything was more challenging back in the day.  Even the ride up the single was 'core.  It was so cold that somedays you had to use 2 blankets .  The trails were narrower and had more terrain back then as well.  There was no snowmaking, and grooming was nonexistent on steeper slopes except when the patrol or the ski school would boot pack or sidestep down the hill.  Gear was much more primitive, boots and skis, so it was much harder to ski.  You can get an idea of what things were like if you go to Mad River, as thank god that area has not changed.

Back in the day, skiing was much more of an adventure.  It was a real alpine experience and when you went to the mountain you never knew what you would find.  Nowadays, skiing at a major resort is more like managed recreation, like an aerobics class but cold.  This is why those of us who like the older experience have gravitated to the backcountry for that old alpine experience.

Personally, while I like the improvements in gear, I think the lift, snowmaking and grooming technology has turned out to be a bad deal.


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