Nice photo Wes.  I never knew there were two chairs going up Liftline

Thanks too for the explanations.  Although I wish the trails were like
they use to be, I would guess that would have prevented them from adding
snow making to both National and Liftline.  At least we still have Goat,
Starr and Lookout (which I love the narrow top section of).  Although in
this photo that you provided the link to, which is labelled 1964, the
Lookout Trail hadn't been cut yet.  I also wonder if they moved the
double chair that ran up Liftline over to the current Lookout Trail
location.  I also don't see Old Goat/Pipeline in this picture either.  I
wonder if that had been cut so many years before this that it had grown
in by 1964 and only recently been cleared a bit to make it skiable

Either way, when I ski that top trail now above the brutal cutover to
Liftline, I'll know I'm sking what was once the real entrance of

>Yes and no.

>The Front Four are:

>Starr and Goat have remained pretty much unchanged since I started
skiing them in the mid 70s. For that matter, Nosedive >and Nosedive
Bypass are pretty much the same, too. The changes wrought to Nosedive
were made before my time.
>Upper Liftline was in fact wider than it is today. You can see it in
the trees if you look left on the way up: there is a >narrow band of
shorter trees right up against the cleared trail that have grown in
since 1979, with somewhat taller trees >beyond them. Remember, this used
to be wide enough to allow TWO chair lift lines to pass up to the
octagon: the single and the double. Below the traverse, they widened the
trail by cutting trees on the skiers right, bringing Liftline closer >to
>Upper National, Old National, National Glades -- whatever you want to
call it -- certainly did not have trees growing in >the middle of it.  
>It may have been a bit wider, too, having grown in a bit in the last 30
>Middle national -- where the current headwall is, was maybe half as
wide. The skier's right hand side of the trail is the >same spot, but
the cut down trees on the left, bringing National closer to liftline.  
>That triangle of trees between the two used to be much bigger.
>And below that National/Liftline intersection, both trails were widened
>That final step pitch of Liftline near the Midway intersection also had
a tree island in it, offering a straig descent >under the chair or a
looping bypass around the side.
>This photo show my mother an I riding the chairs in Summer. Can't make
out too much detail, but at least you can see the >two chairs
>For a bunch of other historic images, see

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