A very cool retro look at Stowe in the '40s...I'm glad all those old maps are archived on SkiVT-L.

I noticed the two Stowe maps don't sync-up on the "Goat" route...where they are consistent, however, is the depiction of Nose Dive routing...a high start near the summit, then curving down to the current start of that trail. Obviously, there were many more switchbacks than the present route. 

My hunch is that the initial old "Goat Trail" was nothing more than a short cut from the top of the single chair over to Nose Dive, albiet with some switchbacks through the woods...not a trail the way we use the term nowadays. Also, I found it very interesting how Liftline has evolved over the last 20 years too...I do remember it being really wide back in the 70s, along with that steep pitch near the Midway intersection and the tree island with the loop/bypass.

Thanks Wes for your recollections.

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On Apr 17, 2008, at 3:54 PM, John Babyak wrote: > Matt -- a vintage 1943 map, eh? You must have been what, about 6 > yrs old then?? Seriously, is it possible to scan that old map, or > maybe provide a link to it...I've seen some old maps of MRG, but > never an old Stowe one. > The map was scanned many years ago my former SkiVt-L list member Mitch Lieberman, and has been on the SkiVt-L web site for years, albeit at low 1990's resolution and sans trail descriptions. Matt sent me a better copy, which I may upload to the site. he map has been available for purchase for many years from, I believe, the Stowe Gallery on Rt. 108, and is probably copyright protected. For the record, I have a purchased and framed copy on my dining room wall for easy access and reference. And I never noticed until matt pointed it out that there is no description of The Goat. I am also particularly found of the Leon L. Bodman map provided by John Jordan. Wish I had a better copy of that, too. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SkiVt-L is brought to you by the University of Vermont. To unsubscribe, visit 

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