It's not "my" front door.  I only own a tiny bit of it.  My father-in-law
and brother-in-law bought the property and paid for the construction
materials.  The whole family plus many friends of the family constructed it.
Has a photo of the view from the door.

I don't post often to SKIVT-L, I'm a classic lurker.  But I have know Wes
for many years
and I grew up skiing Vermont in the 1960s and 1970s.  I've gone west now.

I thought SKIVT-L people would be interested in this, not only for the view
from a front
door, but also to poke around with wetpaint.  Wetpaint is a "wrapper" put
around a wiki 
to make a very user friendly wiki.  It's nice to be able to mix photos,
videos, messages, 
threaded conversations, and all sorts of things at one site.  And organize
it exactly the 
way you want it organizes, not the way FLICKR or some other service tells
you to do it.

It only took me about 45 minutes to create this Red Mountain wetpaint site
(but the videos had already been uploaded to YouTube; all I had to do was
link them into the wetpaint page using the add video widget).

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