As of Friday, Apr 18:
- Great Gulf in, well, great shape (skied Stinkbug, Turkey Shoot/Chute, 
Diagonal, Spacewalk then lower part of Airplane, after which climbed up 
Airplane, but got clear views of all the major lines too)
- Skied from the summit to parking lot without removing skis, but Right Gully 
about to get choked off, and possibly ditto for detour around Little Headwall 
plus one spot at the bottom of the Sherbie)
- Only ascended Lobster Claw, but seemed pretty good for skiing

As of Saturday, Apr 19:
- Monroe Brook is excellent (albeit with the usual undermining at the bottom, 
but easily avoidable)
- Amo Ravine trail is skiable/skinnable all the way to the Cog/Smog base, but 
very thin in many places
- Oakes is still pretty good
- GoS is huge now, and avy activity has hugely helped open up some of the 
routes too

As of Sunday, Apr 20:
- Well, okay, so it's not Mt Washington, but Wachusett Mountain still has 
excellent top-to-bottom cover on Connifer.

Full TR (mainly pics), take you pick of peanut galleries:

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