My last run of the year at KMart started with shrimp cocktail and reebs 
at the K Peak Lodge as the K1 disgorged the last people.  Sometime 
after 4:20 on 4/20, we poached Cascade headwall (much easier with the 
gondola stopped), ducked the rope to cross over to lower Catwalk, 
cruised around Great Northern, and walked up Killink.  From the top of 
the poma drinking one last reeb, we could hear a huge amount of noise 
from the hordes at Cooper's Cabin consuming controlled substances.  
The final run was down Chute to Great Bear in tremendous unskied 
buttery corn snow.

Nobody is pleased about the early closing.  The main parking lot was 
full as it always is in April and early May.  They sold a lot of day tickets 
and a ton of reeb at the base lodge.  Everybody gets *cough* 
mandatory unpaid vacation *cough* starting May 1 and that's going to 
cause some economic strain for people used to working until June 1.  
The tumbleweeds are already blowing down the Access Road and a 1% 
local property tax instituted so the town can promote tourism isn't 
going to attract people when the new resort is doing everything 
possible to chase away the regulars who normally spend money on the 
Access Road from foliage season through Memorial Day.  There's talk of 
some open revolt by the staff against the Utard owner and Bend, 
Oregon carpet bagger president who killed spring.  They're training their 
customers to go elsewhere and Killington isn't loaded with the groomed 
intermediate terrain that attracts the premium lift + lodging business 
they claim they want.  It's really a shame because they really did 
manage to detoxify weekend and holiday skiing at Killington this year.  
They opened late and closed incredibly early but their high season 
product was as good as you're going to get south of the Mason-Doogie 

Rumors were floating around that Killington is going to install a 2nd 
high speed quad this summer replacing the Snowdon Triple.  I have 
mixed feelings about this since it's going to place far too much traffic 
on a part of the mountain I use frequently.  Ranger Renson would be 
appalled.  There's also talk of moving the terrain park to under the top 
half of that new lift.  I don't know where they're going to put all the 
people over there with racing on Highline and upper Bunny Buster and a 
bump course on Conclusion.  I sure hope they don't all end up in Patsys 
Panties, Low Rider, and Toilet Bowl.  


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