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Hello Faculty and Staff Friends of the Vermont Council on Word Affairs,

      I realize it is extremely late in the semester to be trying to 
enlist your help but the Vermont Council on World Affairs has just had a 
very sudden opening for a paid position starting as soon as possible.  I 
was wondering if you could think of anyone off the top of your head that 
is desperately looking for summer work (and possibly fall work if they 
are a student and can work out a deal with work-study).  We're looking 
for some one to fill an administrative assistant type position who can 
work 20 hours/week and start as soon as possible.  I'm attaching a Word 
document with our internship descriptions; however, the individual 
should be willing and ready to combine many of these separate 
internships and perform many of the tasks for the summer (in the Fall we 
can hopefully delegate some of the tasks to a new batch of interns).  
Again, I apologize for the timing.  Circumstances have changed suddenly 
and we're in a bit of a bind.  Thank you.
    Job description is attached

Anita Selec
Executive Director
Vermont Council on World Affairs
802-654-2727 <>

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