Hey everyone,

This is a sample of a sale (now gone by)from STA.COM, Student Travel  
Agency.  You would need to get an ISIC (International Student  
Identification Card) but those cost about $6 depending on where you go  
to get it. This site has sales pretty regularly and I just wanted to  
put this up to remind everyone just how feasible it is to go to these  
countries. So save some of the money you earn over the summer!

Managua, Nicaragua from RT* 	San Pedro, Honduras 	RT*
NYC 	fr $258 		NYC  	fr $258
D.C. 	fr $258 		Detroit fr $258
Chicago fr $258 	        D.C. 	fr $258
Boston 	fr $258 		Miami 	fr $238
Miami 	fr $238

The flight that I got in 2005 to Nicaragua out of Boston was close to  
$900, wish I would have known to look on this site.

Good luck with finals!