I am getting these notes, but not the meeting notices. Is there a separate
mechanism for the meeting notifications?

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Hey everyone hope you all had a good time at the meeting last night.  As
you know I am the treasurer and secretary for next year.  After every
general meeting I will be sending out the minutes that I took at the
meeting and will also be posting them on our sharepoint website which is:  I believe that once you
sign up for the listserv you can use your UVM id (name: ex btorpey) and
your password that you use for webmail.  Also I share with you how to join
the listserv if you haven't already since after this email that will be our
primary way of contacting members.  I hope to see you all again next year!
Have a great summer and good luck on exams!
Sorry for returning members I know you already know most of this stuff but
I didn't want to send out multiple emails.
Also if you did not get a t-shirt last night and would like to purchase one
please contact myself or Abby Franklin our President.  The prices are as
Short Sleeve: Returning Members: $10; New Members: $12
Long Sleeve: Returning Members: $15; New Members: $25

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So everyone who wants to, please add yourself to the listserv. We will be
discussions, upcomming events, meeting times and other information. It is a
very helpful
communication medium, so please sign up.

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