Okay, first, this is probably the very best yellow warbler photo I've 
ever taken:

Okay, now that that's out of the way:  today was a very good birding 
day indeed; Yellow Warblers both at Allen Brothers Marsh and at home. 
Yellow-rumped at both Herricks Cove and Allen Brothers Marsh; Palm at 
the cove; FOY Baltimore Oriole in the yard, a Greater Yellowlegs at 
Allen Brothers Marsh, a Brown Thrasher and a Grey Catbird singing at 
Herrick's Cove, very near one another.  Blue-grey gnatcatchers at 
Herricks Cove, white throated sparrow at Herrick's Cove, some 
incredible looks at the more common yardbirds and just overall really 
nice to have Spring again.

Photos of all three warblers, both mimics, the yellowlegs, a 
nuthatch, some blue jays, the white-throated sparrow and a chipping 
sparrow all at:

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