I just looked out my window and saw the darnedest thing.  I have 
one of those house-shaped hanging feeders with suet cages on 
either end.  Sitting on the ledge of the feeder, with wings 
drooping in a begging posture, was a bluejay -- presumably adult 
this time of year? -- being fed bits of suet by a female Downy 
Woodpecker at the suet feeder.

What the...?

If it had been one of the Hairy WPs--

There, they just did it again!

--at least we'd be talking birds of similar size.  If it was 
post-nesting and the Downy female was in the midst of feeding her 
own young bits at the feeder, at least the behaviors would make 
some sort of sense.

But why in the world is an adult bluejay begging from a downy 
woodpecker this time of year, and why would the woodpecker feed it?

Anybody have any thoughts on this?

Baffled in Shoreham...