I will be delighted to help with Hinesburg.


Richard Harlow
WANAKA Field Station
Arrowhead Lake
Milton, VT

Rosalind Renfrew wrote:
> For those of you who are in withdrawals and looking for something fun 
> to do this summer:
> Night birding!
> It's time for the Whip-poor-will survey, and there are survey routes 
> that need volunteers. Anyone can participate; the call of the 
> Whip-poor-will is easily recognized!
> Vermont takes part in this standardized survey effort each year to 
> count Nightjars from Maine to Florida. Now in its third year, the 
> Nightjar survey project is mapping and monitoring the distribution of 
> Whip-poor-wills (in Vermont) and other Nightjars. These species are 
> declining throughout some or all of their range. The surveys collect 
> baseline information about the distribution and abundance of these 
> species - the first important step towards establishing a conservation 
> strategy.
> The survey consists of stops along a road route, and it will require 
> two of your evenings, about 2 hours per evening. The first survey 
> window is coming up, 15-28 May. The second survey window is 11-26 
> June. The routes that need coverage are in:
> Vernon
> Guilford
> Salisbury
> Peacham
> Bennington
> Hinesburg
> Rutland
> If you're interested in helping out, please let me know what route you 
> can help with, and I'll send details right away.
> Cheers,
> Rosalind