Hi Greg,
I've been meaning to get down there as we did not net any birds in the  
Whippoorwill survey I did in Hinesburg.  Where in Brandond did you hear/see  the 
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Just  after dusk fell at Long Swamp Road in Brandon I heard one
WHIP-POOR-WILL  calling quite loudly a short ways off. At that moment I
imagined the bird  perched along a branch in the stand of trees from which I
heard it calling  and flashlight in hand I made my way into the woods in the
hopes of seeing  it. The bird continued to call and shortly I noticed
something fluttering a  few feet off the ground, weaving back and forth a
couple times;  I  could make out light flashes on a generally dark blur. It
was quiet for a  few minutes as I scanned the spot with my binoculars in one
hand and the  flashlight in the other. I couldn't locate the bird on the
ground where it  appeared to have landed but eventually I heard it or another
calling  farther off.
I've no previous experience with Whips and the fact that they  nest on the
forest floor slipped my mind in the moment, so I'm hoping I  didn't harm them
in any way by venturing back into what I now believe is  the breeding site.

Back on the road I headed in the direction of the  same or another bird
calling. This time the bird was a little ways off the  road out in the swamp.
When I was probably twenty feet away, standing on  the road, the Whip stopped
calling and a minute later I was surprised by a  dark form passing within 10
feet of me and then disappearing further up the  road.

Also of interest at Long Swamp, as I made my way up the road in  the
direction of the Whip I noticed a round shape just ahead of me. I  trained my
binoculars on the shape and lo it was Woodcock, who then set  about peenting
as if it were scolding me, its body shaking comically with  indignation with
each peent!

An earlier sighting: TENNESSEE WARBLER  on Zoon Road in Middlesex.

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