bobolinks in the meadow off center road e. mplr too. liked the  
description - "yellow afros", not dreads? - haven't seen them for  
several years there or maybe i haven't looked, like i used to  
(certainly don't look like i used to) - bluebirds and kestrels not  
kestrals...yes well, they're all in that meadow too.

On May 23, 2008, at 7:20 PM, Laurie Casserly wrote:

> hey birders
> I'm happy to see that boboliks are very much in evidence in  
> Huntington this year. I saw at least fifteen  males chasing one  
> another in two fields facing eachother in Huntington. The location  
> is easy to get to. Coming from Richmond on the huntintonRd. to  
> HUntington center. Make a left on theCamel Hump rd. drive one block  
> past School st. on the left and pull over. The little birds with the  
> yellow afros can be seen from either side of the street. laurie in  
> Starksboro.