This is the Vermont Rare Bird Alert for May 5, 2008 covering the period
April 28-May 4, 2008.


The highlights of the week were a GLOSSY IBIS in breeding plumage at Grosse
Point off Sand Road in Ferrisburg on 5/3, a GOLDEN EAGLE in Danby on 5/4;
two DUNLINS on 5/3, one at Herrick's Cove and one in Windham and a report of
a western PALM WARBLER at Herrick's Cove on 5/3. 


(First of the year sightings have asterisks.)


As of 5/2 there were 24 GREAT BLUE HERONS on nests on Four Brothers Islands.
CATTLE EGRETS* returned to Shelburne Farms, with 6 spotted on 5/1 and 2 on
5/3.  There are three nesting pairs of GREAT EGRETS on Four Brothers
Islands.  In addition, a GREAT EGRET was seen at Mississquoi NWR as well as
one in South Burlington this week.


Two WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS were observed in Jacksonville on 5/3.


A MERLIN was seen in Windham on 5/2 and at the Ledyard Bridge in Norwich on


An UPLAND SANDPIPER* was spotted in Vergennes on 5/4.


Sixty-one CASPIAN TERNS, some incubating eggs, were counted on Four Brothers
Islands, where they have nests for the past four years.


A CHIMNEY SWIFT* was sighted at the West Rutland Marsh on 5/3.
RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRDS* returned to Rutland on 5/1 and Pownal on 5/4.


LEAST FLYCATCHERS* were seen in South Starksboro (5/1) and Richmond (5/3,


WARBLING VIREOS* returned to Waitsfield (5/1) and Pittsford (5/3).  RED-EYED
VIREOS* were seen and heard at Lake Runnemede in Windsor (5/2) and in
Hartland (5/5).


Three CLIFF SWALLOWS* were spotted at the West Rutland Marsh on 5/4 and one
in Waitsfield on 5/3.


A WOOD THRUSH* was observed at the Union Village Dam on 5/2, in Pownal on
5/4 and in Hartland on 5/5.


An AMERICAN PIPIT was seen in Fairfax on 4/28.


Returning warblers include a  NORTHERN PARULA* at Herrick's Cove and in
Windham on 5/3 and one in Rutland on 5/4; BLACK-THROATED BLUE WARBLERS* in
Mt. Philo State Park on 4/30, Windham on 5/2, and along the West River on
5/3; A BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER in the Aitken State Forest on 5/1 and a NORTHERN
WATERTHRUSH* in Guilford on 4/30 and at the Green Mountain Audubon Nature
Center in Huntington on 5/2.  


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Mary Holland

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